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In the past several years, with the proliferation of like-mission organizations, unprecedented funding competition and constraint of funding, growing expenses and difficulty recruiting and retaining staff, many nonprofits have been compelled to reduce services or programs or forced to close their doors. Many who have survived have done so largely through a strategic restructuring.


Lamb Advisors helps clients not just survive, but thrive, through a facilitative, proven, transition management process. Lamb Advisors' three core strengths are thoughtful and comprehensive analysis, strategic planning, and consensus building execution.

Transformation Process

Our process begins with an in-depth, comprehensive situation analysis from which we develop and implement a customized strategy that addresses an organization's business strategy and financial management, and builds advantageous relationships and alliances. Time and again we have helped our clients achieve:

    What We Do
  • Greater financial strength
  • Strengthened leadership skills
  • More efficient use of funding
  • Improved funding potential
  • Cost savings through consolidation
  • Greater operational effectiveness
  • Growth through acquisition
  • Increased experienced management through strategic relationships/alliances
  • Increased staff opportunities through a larger organization
  • Increased staff motivation and consensus
  • Superior ability to carry out the organization's mission and programs
  • Strengthened Board governance
With key capabilities in financial management, negotiation and facilitation and consensus building, we strongly support clients throughout the transformation by:
  • Facilitating internal discussions and those with identified strategic partners
  • Structuring and negotiating any new relationship
  • Assisting in meeting governance standards and practices
  • Developing business and organizational plans
  • Advising on transition and post-restructuring issues
Lamb Advisors' priority in any engagement is to create a sound organization that can carry out its mission today and tomorrow, and anticipate and accommodate a changing economy and its clientele's changing needs.

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