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Challenges and Solutions

Lamb Advisors is particularly skilled in creating solutions that address the critical challenges of nonprofit organizations and stimulate growth. The following examples illustrate how Lamb Advisors works with clients to solve their short- and long-term challenges.

Challenge: Funding decreases consistently over time and the situation appears irreversible

Solution: Lamb Advisors analyzes the organization's current situation, considers the merits of various strategic alternatives, and recommends the most effective course of action. Solutions may include cost saving initiatives through a shared administrative services agreement with another nonprofit, a strategic affiliation, or combination. If the resources remaining in the nonprofit are considerable, Lamb Advisors may also plan for converting the operational structure to one that more effectively applies resources to mission.

Challenge: A successful program is spun off from its parent nonprofit

Solution: Lamb Advisors works with the program's leadership to determine whether or not the program should be "stand-alone" or joined to another organization. All possible structures are analyzed and the optimum structure is implemented. Lamb Advisors also negotiates the separation and the structuring of the relationship with a new parent company. As the existing program continues to operate, Lamb Advisors assists with the many issues arising during the transition.

Challenge: A combination of two nonprofit organizations with complementary or similar missions

Solution: Lamb Advisors facilitates discussions between the two organizations, bringing no preconceptions to the table about whether or not the merger is in the best interests of either organization. Lamb Advisors will structure the combination, preside at Board and staff meetings of the two organizations, and assist in working through the many details, particularly those of a financial nature.

Challenge: A nonprofit faces systemic changes in the economic or political environment in which it has operated successfully in the past.

Solution: Lamb Advisors assists the Board in understanding the necessary strategic moves it must make to assure the organization's long-term viability. Such strategic solutions and their implementation require detailed analysis of the organization's current situation and prospects, creative and numerous ideas for change, and a determination on the part of the Board, with the assistance of Lamb Advisors, to manage through the difficult transitions ahead.

Challenge: A nonprofit Board seeks to be more effective in governance

Solution: Lamb Advisors works with the Board to make fundamental changes in the way it governs and the members it requires to accomplish its work. Organizational planning, best practices, strategic direction, financial management and oversight, fiduciary duties, and Board/staff responsibilities are some of the disciplines Lamb Advisors helps Boards become more effective at managing.

Challenge: Need for part-time CEO, CFO, or COO

Solution: Lamb Advisors provides part-time management to a nonprofit in transition while a permanent executive is sought.

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