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Sandra A. Lamb has been quoted in national and international business media and acknowledged as a leader in her field. Listed below are the most recent news articles and feature stories on Sandy and Lamb Advisors.

The Financial Times

A Merger of Convenience     |     Printer-friendly PDF

Mergers have become more common as the number of non-profits has exploded, intensifying competition for funding.

Condé Nast’s

Mergers and Acquisitions, Nonprofit Style    |    Printer-friendly PDF

Once solely the domain of the private sector, mergers and acquisitions are becoming increasingly common in the nonprofit sector. Sandy Lamb applies her banking skills and experience to fill a need for expert assistance in planning and executing strategic alliances.

Business Week online

Why M&A May Help Nonprofits     |   Printer-friendly PDF

Discover how mergers, acquisitions and strategic alliances offer real solutions to nonprofits.


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